Dawn of a New Day salon offers top quality scissor finished grooming for both your cat and dog.

Our full package includes: nail trimming and filing (on request), pad and belly shaving, ear plucking and cleaning, brushing and combing, bath, anal gland expression and fluff dry, trim or tidy depending on your animals breed standard.

As pet stylists we have access to over 11 shampoos, 6 medicated shampoos and conditioners and over 5 grooming leave in sprays.  We are familar with a wide range of skin disorders and coat types to be able to offer your pet a customized bathing experience.

There is no extra charge for use of medicated shampoos if they are needed.

Full package prices are based on size of animal, dematting and behaviour of the animal during the grooming process.  Please call or email the salon for accurate quotes.

If you require maintenace between groomings we also offer nail clipping, and hygeine packages(nail, ears, pad and belly clippering, bang trim) for a minimal fee.

Custome packages can be designed for you and your pets needs.

Our staff spends their spare time attending breed, obedience and grooming shows and seminars to keep up to date with new trends, breed standards and introductory products on the market.