I Need Some Sleep...

I have a confession. But it's not exactly marvelous for Marvelous Monday.

But hopefully a marvelous person could give me some pointers?

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I have a very hard time falling asleep.

I'm not going to sit here and write on my blog that I am happy and healthy all of the time. That is not true, and I plan on being open and honest with each and every reader that comes across this little old blog.

I have tried everything under the sun to get myself to go to sleep at night. I could name a list of things I have tried and still, not much works. It takes me about two, sometimes three, hours to fall asleep at night. No bueno.

Here's what I have tried:

  • Not working out three hours before bed time -- I used to go to the gym three hours before I went to bed. I have heard that this can keep your heart rate elevated and keep you up at night. I changed my time, but still, nothing.
  • Taking time off from exercising -- I was concerned with overtraining, as I am aware that there are numerous symptoms of overtraining including the inability to sleep. I have taken a few consecutive rest days and still, nothing.
  • Turning off technology 30 minutes before bed -- Yep, I have tried this. For a teenager, it was hard! But I did it and I still felt like I could not go to sleep.
  • Trying different bedtimes -- I've experimented with perhaps tiring myself out and going to sleep near 10 or 11 so I could fall asleep easier. Nope. I have tried falling asleep at 8 or 9 (my usual bedtime is about 9:30; I know I am "lame"). Still, nothing.
  • Taking a sleep aid -- Trust me, this was my last resort but I was (and still pretty much am) not falling asleep as easily as I should be. It's more of a placebo effect then the pill actually working.
  • Drinking chamomile tea -- I have read numerous studies about how chamomile tea is supposed to calm your senses and help you ease into a relaxed state. So far, I would have to say this is the only thing that partially works.
  • Staying away from energy drinks or supplements -- I occasionally will have a zero-calorie Monster, but that is usually much earlier in the day and before a workout. Even if I don't drink one, I STILL have the same sleep issues, so I'm not sure I could blame it on that. Plus, before I even had my first Monster, I was still having these issues. I also do not take any pre-workout supplements so that is out of the picture.
  • Changing what I eat and when I eat it -- Let me just get this out there: coffee does NOT work for me. Ridiculous, right?! Nor does green tea to give me an 'energy boost' from it's caffeine content. Some people get jittery and energetic, but that is not the case for me. I could still be sluggish even after three cups of coffee. Also, I have tried changing up my foods to see if it is a certain food that does not put me to sleep. I have even gone as far as removing sweet potatoes and nut butter from my diet (my favorites!) for a day. Nope. I have a nighttime snack usually and have changed what I eat before bedtime as well as removing that snack, but that was disastrous because a) it didn't help my sleeping issue and b) I would wake up in the middle of the night starving as my stomach would be rumbling and eating itself screaming "GIVE ME FOOD. NOW."
  • Trying different sleeping positions, blankets, pillows, places to sleep, etc. -- I have tried sleeping on my back, on my side, on my stomach, etc. I have switched the pillows I sleep with, the pillowcases, and the number pillows I use. I have slept with different blankets and a different amount of blankets. I have slept on the opposite side of my bed and even on my yoga mat on the floor (yes, yes I did). I have also tried switching the settings on my fan and using different fans, no fan, etc. NOTHING WORKS!!!

Okay, so clearly you can see I am frustrated. I NEED SLEEP. I love sleep, and I understand the necessity of it. I am not a happy camper with no sleep. I should also mention that my body wakes upt at 5:35 a.m. like clockwork. And my mom deals with the same issue (I know, like mother, like daughter)--once we are awake, you would be kidding yourself if you thought we could go back to sleep. I try. I try to sleep in. I will sleep in on a VERY rare occasion, like if I am out in the early hours and get home at a time like 3 a.m. Even on occasions such as that one, I can't sleep in past 8 a.m. Not because I want to be up and at it, but because I just simply can't go back to sleep.


I have considered insomnia, but I don't think it is that serious. I hope not, at least. I do plan on taking a good long break from my training soon to see if that is any help. I also hope to go see a doctor soon as I need my 'check-up' anyways.

Let's get myself better.

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