Make your job work for you!

Its a bad habit to fall into, working harder instead of smarter, but many women find themselves overwhelmed at work because of it.

If you are taking on extra projects and responsibilities in an effort to advance your career, you are falling into the harder category, and you are likely hurting your chances for promotion rather than helping them.

In a recent article from Impact Hiring titled How Recruiters Search Using LinkedIn & What We Look For, they hit the reason why working harder at everything will hurt you, right on the head:

Take nothing else away from this article but this one thing: In today's market, companies (right or wrong) are looking for the kings and queens in their field, not the jack of all trades.

When you consistently say yes to every project and take on the chores that no one else wants to deal with, you are not impressing people with your subject matter expertise or positioning yourself for a promotion; in fact, you are diluting your personal brand and setting yourself up for burnout.

Take the time to consider the work that you truly love to do and excel at, and proactively seek out or initiate projects that fit within that body of work. Doing the work you love will energize you, and increase your career visibility while you do it.

Posted in Pets Post Date 06/23/2017