Lady Madonna Communion Photos

May is the month of May Crownings for "Lady Madonna," First Holy Communions and Confirmations at every Catholic Church in the area. I went to 12 years of Catholic school and fondly remember May: bringing flowers to the Blessed Mother, attending Communion and Confirmation parties and preparing for SUMMER!! May was SO much more fun than March when all you had was cold weather and Lent.

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I got to revisit some of my fond (and not so fond) memories of Catholic school during the portrait session of Little Miss "M." She was about to make her First Holy Communion and looked SO sweet in her gorgeous Communion gown. I kind of wish she would have visited me after her big day so we could have ventured outside and gotten her dress maybe a little dirty. But we still had fun and had to stifle a few giggles so we could get the important reverent portraits that are so important when marking such a Holy occasion. Miss "M" even got to strike a few "diva" poses when Mom stepped out of the studio. While not a traditional Communion pose, I loved the "diva shot" because it really showcased "M's" personality and that's what we're all about here at Crane Photography.

My favorite of the bunch!

The "reverant" pose

And the "diva" pose!

Seriously, how cute was Little Miss "M?!" So if you've got your own diva or even a little serious guy bring them out to Crane Photography so we can capture them on their big day. If you are planning a Communion, Confirmation, Bar or Bat Mitzvah portrait session, try to schedule it for AFTER their big day. This will allow us to do some outdoor portraits and relax a little bit without the fear of getting a stain on the special occasion outfit.

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