Running Tips

In this article, we're going to take a look at some ways to help you become a faster runner and give you an advantage over your fellow competitors It doesn't matter what age group of a runner you're at right now, there's always room for improvement. You must decide here and now, if you want to get fasteryou're going to have to train faster. We also want to keep injury out of the picture. Remember, proper training takes time so make sure not to overdo it and end up with an injury .

Boost Your Performance and Energy Level

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You need to run twice as far as your prefered race distance to start getting faster times . Meaning if you're a 5K runner then two times a 5K is, six and one forth miles. So if all your can run is four miles for your long run, your have to add another quarter of a mile each week. By the end of the month you should be able to run five miles without stopping. Here's an example of how simple training will help you learn how to run faster.

A couple of days a week, make sure to have nice light jogs . This would be around four miles for a 5K runner. Meaning in the course of a week you'll have one long run day, one pacing (7:00 a mile pace) day run and one track day. You always want to work a hard run day followed by an easy day. Give yourself at least one or two days rest to recover .

Let's go through a typical week . Monday is an off day, no running. Tuesday is the long run day. If you're a 5K runner then six and a half miles is your long run day. Easy running is always to warm up and cool down, three quarter a mile to one mile run light.

In essence on a Tuesday long run day will be six and a half plus one, plus one mile for a total of eight and a half miles. You warm up with your first mile at a nine minute mile pace. After that first mile then pick up your pace to a seven and a (7:30 to 7:55) and a half minute pace, for six and a half miles. then take a one minute mile walk. After that, run a mile at a slow nine minute pace to cool down.

Make sure to be stretching for at least 20 minutes after every run . Remember the purpose of warming up; cooling down, then stretching is to keep you from breaking down. If you tear any muscles you'll be off for many days recovering, sometimes weeks. If you lose several days of training it most likely will ruin your chance of winning your next race!

Mix your running training with plenty of rest and proper nutrition and supplementsthen you'll be on the road to a faster you ! Good luck and keep running! I hope these running tips will benefit you!

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