Social Media Vs. Actually Being Social

Does technology hurt social bonds? Due to social networking people communicate more through Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites. Today we can chat with our friends online, read status updates, tweets, and etc. What happened to traditional communication in the current tech-savvy era. I remember the time when we would call our friends on the home phone or even go knock on their door. Today, people's lives seem to revolve around getting text messages or notifications spending countless hours looking at their screens.

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Social media is a wonderful thing and gives the opportunity to stay in touch with people from anywhere in the world, but it still has it's downsides.

With social media people don't talk face to face with each other. Rather they communicate their emotions through texts. When you text you can't really see others true emotion and this can cause misunderstandings. Ghuman said, "The newfound ease that comes with social media may be causing anxiety among people who are afraid of in-person conversations people fear natural discourse is not cool enough anymore." With the beauty of social media you can communicate with people without actually facing them. Many people also often send and say stuff without even thinking about it and end up regretting it. When you type it and send it, you can't undo it.

With text messaging there are the typical teenage rules. Guys can't text a girl too soon or else he will sound desperate, and if you respond to a text too soon you appear anxious. This isn't true for everyone, just in general.

People come across the problem of talking so much through text, that when they actually get together they have no idea what to say or talk about. They feel more comfortable talking through text instead of face to face and the situation can feel awkward. Digital communication has taken away from what makes humans thrive the ability to express thought through in-person discussion. The more people use social media,the more self conscience they become.

Social networking is a great thing, but too much of it can cause fear of personal confrontation as well as self esteem issues.


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