Five Things to Know About the WCF Runtime

Since working with WCF I have gleaned quite a bit about how the runtime works through reading various blogs and writing proofs-of-concept/experiments. One thing that has become apparent to me is that many people working with WCF do not fully understand how it works because Visual Studio makes it very easy to create & consume WCF services. In most cases there is no need to understand the guts of WCF, but you may reach a point where you want to extend WCF. Here are five things that will help you know where to begin your quest for extension.

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.Svc file are the activators that kick off the WCF runtime . In IIS or WAS, .Svc files are what activates a service host which in turn creates a service host and calls your service. The .Svc file specifies the full name of your class and an optional service host factory. If you are self-hosting a service you are responsible for implementing the same functionality in code.

ServiceHosts control your service instances and dispatch calls to your service using ChannelDispatchers . The ServiceHost is the central actor and you can control a lot of behavior by altering the service host or extending it. If you want to use an Inversion of Control container with WCF the best place to stick it is on a custom ServiceHost. The service host also maintains listeners that enable your service to receive calls over the wire at the specified endpoint (e.g.,

ServiceHostFactory creates a ServiceHost . If you want to create a custom service host you'll need a ServiceHostFactory to return an instance of your service host to the WCF runtime.

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