Over time, companies have come to feel "safe" with Facebook. It sure...

Over time, companies have come to feel "safe" with Facebook. It sure feels rock solid, right? Almost a billion users can't be wrong. Something this large and successful can't fail anytime soon. Can it?Anyways, it doesn't matter. This is where the consumers are, so this is where the brands shall go.

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And so the brands pour time and money into cultivating their Facebook communities.I have no problem with that. The problem is the dependency.

It becomes very easy to lose perspective. Facebook becomes the public face of the company. Interactive, media rich, and exciting. Things just work on Facebook, so full steam ahead.

It happened over a long stretch of time, but essentially this is what companies have said:

"Hey, let's stop advertising our website and only advertise our Facebook page! Oh, let's put the email list to the side - we can talk directly to fans on Facebook! Actually, since we're sending everyone to Facebook anyway, let's put off that website redesign."

And Facebook becomes a crutch.

You don't own your fans. Facebook does.

You don't own the medium. Facebook does.

The smartest companies use Facebook as a tool. It IS an amazing tool. But I truly believeit will not last forever. At least, not at it's current level of success. But it doesn't matter what I believe. What matters is that it MIGHT not last forever. And that alone should keep companies on their toes.

So keep up with your email lists and your blog communities. You own them. You can measure them. You can't lose them. You can have as much marketing data as you choose to collect. You can send any message you choose.

And for goodness sake, do something creative with your website.

Skittles Facebook They have a fun webpage that speaks to their brand. It actually scrolls down indefinitely. It's creative.

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